Rhys Thomas
Rhys Thomas 

Rhys has worked extensively in the training sector both in this country and abroad.

In addition to his own academic study at Hull University (where he received the Dora Jones Award for his production of The Tempest) and Goldsmiths, London (where he was awarded a distinction for his Masters Degree); Rhys has trained with Elke Tasche (Brecht's dramaturg, Volksbuhne, Berlin) Monika Pagneaux (L'ecole Lecoq, France) and Habib Nagamouchi (International Atellier de l'acteur, Morrocco). He has also worked alongside leading national and international theatre practitioners including Gary Bilu, Robert Carson, Ed Clarke, John David, Richard Digby-Day, Didier Doumerge, Janice Dunn, Graeme du Fresne, Terry Hands, David Harris, Tom Hunsinger, Peta Lily, Michael Napier-Brown and Colin Sell.
Rhys has worked as an acting teacher in a number of leading British drama schools including Webber Douglas (now affiliated to Central School of Speech and Drama), Guildhall, Mountview, East 15, Guildford and the London Centre for Theatre Studies.
Rhys works to build connections between established and new approaches to actor training. He engages with the diverse methodologies advocated by Constantin Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Jacques Le Coq, Phillippe Gaulier, Michael Chekhov, Rudolph Laban, Lee Strasburg, Sandford Meisner and others whilst looking to release and develop the creative potential of the training actors themselves.
As a result, students develop a technical, imaginative and emotional tool-kit to enable them to work successfully within established theatre, film and television industries. Students are also actively encouraged to consider and explore possibilities for creating their own material. In all cases, they learn to be flexible and disciplined actors and to approach their work with a heady mix of courage, seriousness and fun.
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